IDIQC Information

US Agency for International Development (USAID)
1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20523–2110

Sharon M. Baker - CO
Office of Acquisition & Assistance
Tel. (202) 567-5092

Clare Romanik - COR
U.S. Agency for International Development
E3/Urban, 3.07-023

Kevin Nelson - Alternate COR
U.S. Agency for International Development
E3/Urban, 3.07-023

$ 650,000,000 Ceiling

Ordering until Oct. 2019
Implementation to Oct. 2021

Our Firm: 
SEGURA Consulting LLC
6110 Executive Blvd. Suite 512
Rockville, MD 20852
Tel: 301-469-4724
Fax: 301-469-4728

Contract Number: 

Jorge F. Segura
Managing Partner

SEGURA Consulting LLC was awarded the Making Cities Work (MCW) IDIQ contract. MCW is a five year contract vehicle, to provide short and longterm technical services, training, and capacity-building related to improving urban and local governance around the world. As a prime contractor, SEGURA can be reached by USAID Missions and Bureaus to undertake Task Orders in the following five functional areas:

  1. Improved Public Service Delivery with an Emphasis on Transportation, Water and Sanitation
    To provide technical assistance and improving the capacity of officials and institutions responsible for the delivery and quality of these services.

  2. Improved Autonomy, Transparency, Responsiveness and Accountability of Urban and Local Governments
    To create conditions whereby local governments have a mandate and the legal and fiscal means needed to provide services and to create incentives for local governments to more responsively provide services by increasing transparency and accountability from both national-level governments and from their constituents.

  3. Enhanced Ability of Urban and Local Governments to Adapt To Climate Change, Improve Environmental Management Practices and Pollution Control Systems
    To reduce urban pollution through the adoption and implementation of Environment Management Systems (EMS) and other associated planning and assessment tools for municipal operations, industrial processes and the transportation sector.

  4. Improved Urban and Local Governance Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery through Mitigation, Strategic Planning, Training, Hazard Identification and Awareness
    To improve local governments’ abilities to mitigate, prepare for and respond to disasters, especially in large urban environments.

  5. Improved Urban and Local Government Finance, Creditworthiness and Borrowing
    To make more resources available to local governments in order to improve service delivery, either through increasing own-source revenues or through borrowing.

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SEGURA is supported in this contract by a select group of specialized firms and organizations that cover a wide array of areas and complement our qualifications and our ability to serve USAID. As shown in the summary below, our consortium has the capacity to undertake a variety of small and large complex technical assistance projects as necessary to satisfy the needs of urban and local governments in USAID recipient countries worldwide.

Under the MCW IDIQ contract USAID may directly place Task Orders with any category of small or small disadvantaged business (SDBs) that received a prime Contract award from the solicitation that resulted in the award of this contract. As a qualified small and SDB business, SEGURA can directly receive sole-source Task Orders of any size under the small business Fair Opportunity Exception. In addition, a general provision stipulates that Task Orders of $1,000,000 or less must be set-aside for small businesses. 

The following is the process for using the small business exception:
(A) The TOCOR submits the statement of work to the COR for review to determine if their requirement falls within the IDIQ statement of work.
(B) The COR provides corporate capability information for the small businesses to the TOCOR. (C) The TOCOR reviews the corporate capability information and provides a brief, written recommendation (not a justification) to the TOCO on which Contractor he/she recommends for an award. Please note that the $1,000,000 threshold does not apply when using the small business exception and fair opportunity procedures.