Climate Change Adaptation and Improved Environmental Management Practices

SEGURA is subcontractor to Tetra Tech in the implementation of the Colombia Clean Energy Program (CCEP), an important USAID/Colombia activity that supports the Presidential Initiative on Climate Change and whole-of-government Enhancing Capacity – Low Emissions Development Strategy (EC-LEDS). 

CCEP is a multi-year (2012-2017) $18.6 million project and SEGURA is particularly active in investment promotion and access to finance for renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) projects in the main urban centers of the country: Bogotá, Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla. Projects take place in a variety of industries: brick and ceramic, metal-mechanic, food and beverages and agro-industry; all of which have high potential for reductions in urban pollution. CCEP also works closely with national and local governments in policy formulation and regulatory framework development.

SEGURA’s Principal Associate Dr. Alejandro Deeb, a leading Climate Change specialist and author (see Alejandro Deeb) has developed a Climate Change Rapid Assessment (CCRA) tool that is in the process of being piloted in urban environments with donor assistance. (see PPR)

Other members of the SEGURA Consortium have also successful climate change programs:

  • Castalia advises on clean energy policies and strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions (related projects)

  • RTI offers expertise in the strategic, technical, and policy aspects of sustainable energy markets. Examples include:

  • Crimson Capital:

    • The USAID-funded Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) project in Nigeria was a four-year activity designed to support the development and financing of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) projects and to strengthen the enabling environment for public and private sector investment in RE and EE. Under a subcontract to Winrock International, Crimson supported implementation of REEP by building financial institution capacity to finance RE and EE projects and to utilize USAID Development Credit Authority (DCA) guarantees. Through REEP, Crimson assisted 15 Banks and MFIs improve RE and EE lending skills, including providing support in loan origination / pipeline development; use of energy calculators; project finance tools; credit assessment techniques; and marketing for their consumer RE/EE loan products.